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Hotel Somnath

Hotel Shree Rudraksh

Just 100 meter woking distance Between Somnath Temple and Hotel Shree Rudraksh. We are pleasure in introducing Rudraksh Hotel, located in Somnath. A rare site with morning sunrise view.

We ensure the latest facilities and eco-friendly environment to our guests. Hospitality being our motto, just to Unwind after a long hard day's work at your own home away from home come and chill and have a memorable experience.

Our services offer an amalgamation of 16 rooms and , each equipped and configured for a comfortable stay. Every element in the rooms has been designed to create a comfortable, modern and pleasurable stay. The hotel provides an opportunity for promoting a new concept of environmentally friendly tourism associated with a socially responsible approach towards preserving the ecological balance of the land and the traditional Indian village culture. The use of natural materials like recycled old teak, rosewood and granite stone pillars, glass and indigenous ceramics slates floorings in our buildings; plus the use of solar energy for our water heaters.

Rates are different in Seasonal Times like Diwali, Christmas, Janmastmi, New Year, Shrawan Month.